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Our Pipe Network™ graphical environment provides a breakthrough solution for generating complex, multi-axis motion programs in Kollmorgen Automation Suite™. Instead of writing code line-by-line, developers can simply drag and drop icons to create a visual representation of the machine’s motion components and relationships. Each icon is linked to a prebuilt motion module that has been optimized and tested to ensure quality.



  • Drag-and-drop development environment provides the electronic equivalent of a conventional line shafting application
  • Complex motion relationships between machine axes, cams, gears and other components are represented visually

  • Configuration of each axis is simply a matter of selecting the icon and entering the appropriate variables as prompted
  • One-to-one relationship between mechanical systems and their software equivalents simplifies the most complex programming tasks while ensuring performance and quality


  • Accelerated development, with programming tasks that would otherwise take weeks reduced to days or even hours
  • A better machine, with performance improvements as much as 25% or more, less waste, greater accuracy and the ability to design new features that depend on advanced motion
  • Improved coding quality, with prebuilt modules that have been thoroughly tested and optimized
  • Better use of engineering resources, allowing developers to focus on fine-tuning the system rather than complex coding details and debugging
  • Easy knowledge transfer, replacing pages of complex code with easily understood graphical representations
  • Automatic documentation of system topology, with motion blocks and information flows captured visually
  • Protection for your intellectual property, replacing open-standards programming with a more advanced automation paradigm that your competitors can’t duplicate