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In addition to our breakthrough Pipe Network™, Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes PLCopen for motion, giving developers the choice of programming in a familiar environment that leverages existing engineering resources. Focused around IEC 61131-3, PLCopen for motion is a structured programming method for creating motion applications that are hardware-independent, interoperable, and scalable across different control solutions and architectures.



  • Kollmorgen Automation Suite offers a choice of Pipe Network™ and PLCopen for motion, giving you access to the best of industry standards as well as the Kollmorgen capabilities that can differentiate your machine from the competition
  • PLCopen for motion offers a widely used, industry-independent programming method that supports all IEC 61131-1 programming languages
  • Modular applications can be reused and enhanced to simplify and ensure the quality of future projects
  • Programming in PLCopen for motion allows you to maintain continuity with your current methods, expertise and suppliers



  • Library includes programming constructs most needed by the motion programming community, based on thorough industry analysis
  • New areas of interest are regularly added, ensuring that the specification evolves to meet changing industry requirements
  • Provides a standardized vocabulary for developing systems and conveying motion control knowledge
  • Maintains vendor independence, since all vendors of motion programming products have access to the same specification
  • Qualified development resources are readily available in the marketplace
  • Kollmorgen is a voting member of the PLCopen organization, ensuring a proactive voice in support of your technical requirements