Programmable logic controllers for machine control

There are many good programmable logic controllers and many other types of machine control systems available but the question arises: which one is best for your application? Practical experience shows that it is mainly customised control system solutions that can sustainably increase efficiency. Kollmorgen offers on the one hand traditional programmable logic controllers but also works closely with customers in the early stages of their machine development in co-engineered projects to establish the optimal solution for their particular control requirements. In this way we have developed not only programmable logic controller based customized solutions, but a wide range of application specific solutions for machine automation in manufacturing production and test, as well as other areas such as automated guided vehicle systems.

Our premier machine automation solution includes all of the software and hardware you need to build truly differentiated high-performance machines with a proven and significant reduction in development times for faster time to market. They also offer

Our Pipe Network™ graphical environment provides a breakthrough solution for generating complex, multi-axis motion programs in Kollmorgen Automation Suite™. Instead of writing code line-by-line, developers can simply drag and drop icons t

In addition to our breakthrough Pipe Network™, Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes PLCopen for motion, giving developers the choice of programming in a familiar environment that leverages existing engineering resources. Focused around I