Programmable logic controllers for machine controlThere are many good programmable logic controllers and many other types of machine control systems available but the question arises: which one is best for your application? Practical experience shows that it is mainly customised control system solutions that can sustainably increase efficiency. Kollmorgen offers on the one hand traditional programmable logic controllers but also works closely with customers in the early stages of their machine d

Kollmorgen integrated automation software solutions combine together to produce more than the sum of their parts to fully address not just the needs of modern automation technology, but also providing real potential for lower engineering costs, reduced errors, less training and faster machine development timescales when compared to standard PLC software. Kollmorgen's innovative software solutions offer a variety of programming languages that cover every part of the machine from motion and ma

Kollmorgen offers a complete selection of controller hardware for any machine architecture. Controller options include standalone units, PC Card controllers and drive-resident controllers.

What is your preferred fieldbus?The choice for the most appropriate fieldbus is probably as old as modern automation itself. On the one hand, it may be determined by the application area or the industry your machine will serve, or perhaps a global or country preference will drive the decision. Our real-time Ethernet fieldbus perfectly suits motion-centric automation and is now universally accepted across all industries and markets. This high speed fieldbus system is our single choice and we beli